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Thanksgiving in Auburn, upstate NY

Mia and I had hoped to spend our Thanksgiving with our families and friends, but this is 2020. First we were thinking about traveling South (e.g. Virginia), but the driving would be just too long for us. Then we thought about going North and we both agreed that the Finger Lakes region beckoned to be discovered by us. For this trip, Mia suggested bringing our road bikes and I just could not say no. We found a very affordable Airbnb in Auburn, upstate NY. Driving there was not that long (~4.5 hours) but because we were not in a hurry, we came to town in the evening - Thanksgiving evening. We naively thought that we could get dinner in town, so after we checked in our Airbnb, we drove downtown. Surprise, surprise - everything was closed. Luckily, Mia packed frozen gluten-free pizza, avocados, apples and other food so our Thanksgiving was saved! Our apartment had a stove, oven and microwave oven and we could prepare meals for the evening and for our whole stay in Auburn. Next day we chose
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Our special weekend in Cape Cod

The destination of our camping trip location was long unknown, but then we decided to go to Massachusetts, a state that impressed us quite a lot last time while traveling to Maine. It is still warm in late September in the Northeast and, we wanted to be close to a sea. We picked Cape Cod. After late night celebrations of Mia’s birthday on Thursday and not that long sleep due to a very early online workshop organized by Mia, we started packing. This time we decided to pack food only for traveling to Cape Cod. The rest we will buy in stores or we will dine in local restaurants. Mia prepared delicious gluten free bagels (from Aldi), carrots and tea for the road. We took our Jeep on the I-95 and after two hours of driving or so we made a break in Rocky Neck State Park in Connecticut. It was a unexpectedly very nice and serene place. We hit the highway I-95 until Providence in Rhode Island and then switched to I-195. We arrived to Bay View Campground around sunset and built our tent right a

Maine: You can’t get there from here

August 1st, Saturday 3AM. We just finished our work. The plan for our summer vacation does not exist yet and we should leave tomorrow early morning. We woke up after a few hours of sleep, but we had to go. Quick breakfast and rapid but thorough packing. Our rental car was waiting for us in North White Plains, so we had to take a train there. Our destination for today was in Hudson, Massachusetts, where we booked AirBnb. Almost the whole time driving in Connecticut it was raining heavily. I never experienced that heavy rain which lasted for hours. And on top of that, unfortunately, I witnessed a car drifting across several lanes. It all happened in a second and I saw the whole situation in my rear-view mirrors. The AirBnB in Hudson was very cozy and the hosts took all the precautions so we felt safe and welcomed. And, the rain stopped! Among the amenities in the apartment, the coffee maker was the most appreciated one. Next morning we quickly packed and hit the road. Our next stop was P