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My Favorit month (Day 18 - 43)

At the end of the month I disliked the Favorit bike. The reason: I got '8' on my rear wheel. The guy who has sold me this bike also told me that it has very good rims made of dural and they will last forever. Well it took only two weeks till it got broken. After the holiday in Italy I had to take this bike to bike service in Vienna (recommend!) where I paid 41€ for a new-old wheel and also rear cassette.

Because of a difference between the old and new-old system - whole bike was very loud while I was pedaling. At that time I was not very happy about this bike. And few days after the service - I got flat tire!

So last week I have bought a new tube, I have fixed the brakes and used WD40 for the chain and now it works perfectly!
Riding my city bike to work and back and also anywhere in the city makes a pleasure that this bike should provide.

I like the Favorit bike again. And it is not just month anymore :-).