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Reglue your skins too!

Last year, me and my friend Lukas, we planned another skitour trip to High Tatras in Slovakia. However a couple of last skitters I complained about the quality of the glue on my skins. Usually when I saw Lukas or Michal going uphill without no problems and me fighting with my skis and the mountain. The time for regluing of my skins finally came.
I used very general and easy intructions I found on the web: Put the paper on the sticky part of the skins, heat it up with an iron.When you feel the glue is hot, semi-liquid (and stinks, as in my case) - remove the paper. The paper contains the dirt and also some glue.Repeat the step 2 till all the the glue is gone.Uniformly spread the new glue over the skins. I used the glue by Austrian company Kohla.Wait several hours till the glue dryes (this depends on the glue manufacturer). Here are some photos of the whole process.

Prepare a lot of paper and some (preferably old) iron. This is an example of the dirt and glue that is caught up by the pa…