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Astrophoto-experiment: the Moon

I performed my first astro-photo experiment from the comfort of my flat. The moon was in a good constelation with my balcony so I basically needed only to open the window.
I used quite old 60 mm refracting telescope Konustart 700:

The detector was my old DLSR Canon 350D with a T-mount from .

I controlled the shutter remotely with B.I.G MC-C1:

All put together and aimed on the moon:

I set manual mode, IOSO 400 and shutter speed around 1/160 s. And this is my best shot - processed in iPhoto only, 1 average.

I think it is quite far from good. I think the problem was a heat conduction between the outside world and my room. This can cause blur and geometry distortion. Also I still have problems with focusing. It is not so easy even with the bright object like the moon.

Jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone 3GS

On Monday I have bought the iPhone 3GS. According to the offer it should be unlocked. According to the pretty girl, that was selling me the phone, too. Well accoding to the iPhone itself - not that quite.

I tried two SIM cards before buying it but the activation failed and even not-inserted SIM card was not recognized. Because I had no experience I thought it needs to be connected to the iTunes and some updates or restore should be performed prior to activation. So I have bought it and took home.

I did the update in the evening and still the same. My SIM card was not active. I got No service all the time. The girls had perhaps jailbreak on her phone even without knowing it. She just didn't know anything. And that was the problem.

So next whole day - literally whole day - I was trying to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3GS. In order to see if other iOS can be installed and find out what actually the problem is. The motivation was to activate the iPhone without the SIM card.

After s…

Neuschwanstein 3D Puzz

Neviem už ani prečo, no v roku 2011 som mal pocit, že sa moja rodina nudí a tak som mojej mame a sestre na meniny kúpil 3D puzzle. Netušil som, že tento hrad patrí k tým najťažším stavebniciam. Veková skupina bola 12+ a podľa toho by sme to predsa mali dať.  Našiel som ho v second-hande Carla vo Viedni a preto som dúfal, že nebudú chýbať žiadne diely.
Začali sme v lete, písal sa dátum 11.9.2011. Prvý stavbársky tým bol zložený z mamy, sestry, Mati a mňa. Po nejakej chvíli bolo jasné, že stavba bude asi pokračovať bez príslušníkov mojej rodiny. Asi patrím k trpezlivejším jedincom.

Po pár víkendoch sme dokázali spraviť prednú bránu a strechu. Keďže sa stavby neskôr okrem mňa nikto nechytal, odložil som ju na čas do izby. To som vtedy netušil, že ten čas bude znamenať asi 2,5 roka.

Zlom nastal 2.3.2014, keď sa k stavbe dobrovoľne pridali Anička, Veronika a Ondrej. Pár hodín ticha, občas rozhovor - to bola Saturday night puzzle party. Ideálny večer na otestovanie pozornosti, sebakontroly…

AKG K 420 earpads replacement

I couldn't find any relevant source for changing the earpads for my favorite mini headphones AKG K 420 on the web. So I decided to give a short guide how I have done it.

I have bought this non-genuine earpad replacement in Media Markt (Vienna) - PUNEX Ersatz Schaumkissen. The size (big) I estimated in the shop and it seems sufficient.

0. Motivation.For comparison - old and the replaced new one:

1. I took the old earpad off. You can see the gap around the earpad. I didn't want to dismantle it further.

2. Just with my bear hand I put a new earpad on the headphone.

3. But then it looked like this. The earpad didn't fit tightly.

4. So my trick was to use some sharp and very thin knife. I pressed carefully the edge of the earpad inside the gap all around the headphone.

And that's that. Happy listening.

My Newton 900/114

For past 10 years I used this Newton reflector. However past 3 years not that much. That is also the reason why I am playing with the idea of selling it to someone who will use it more. It is quite good one for the beginners of amateur astronomy, ethusiasts of starry sky and other stargazers. I made some photos yesterday: