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iMac G3: Replacing logic board

Since I have bought my iMac I knew that it is not a very fast version. But because of availability of 350 MHz G3 CPU's I decided to buy this one and see how does it work. After a while there was one thing I didn't like. No FireWire means no Mac OS X Tiger. I used XPostFacto, but still it was not something I like.

I looked for many sites how to upgrade your old iMac. CPU upgrade is not reasonable these days - it is very expensive, you can buy a better machine for that price. So only option for me was to find a cheap logic board and replace the old one. I knew about the issues with incompatibility but I risked it. I found one logicboard in NYC. But after a few days, it was only 400 MHz instead of 600 Mhz and I didn't want so little increase of power. Then I found 500 Mhz G3 on eBay in Canada only for 35$.

My friend in the USA bought it for me and I waited until Christmas for this delivery. I was not sure if it will work but I wanted to risk it. The most important thing for …