17. 7. 2012

My Favorit month (Day 6 - 17)

Last week I survived with Favorit bike strong wind and rain. I mean real and very dense rain and quite strong wind. On Friday (the 13th), I took my broken MacBook to a service in 2. district in the morning and then I went to work.

It was raining the whole time with some wind from time to time. Mudguards did their job well - I recommend to have them in the city. My clothes were wet but not dirty.

I had no special gear - only my Windstopper jacket. Helmet helpded a bit. Some problems occured with my jeans but they became dry after a while at work.

I thought that the rain and bike is not very good combinationin the city in the morning but it was OK after all. Actually it was quite refreshing :-).

5. 7. 2012

Higgs Boson Party failed!

Gestern hat CERN etwas Besonderes angekündigt: Higgs within reach: Our understanding of the universe is about to change…

Ich hatte eine Idee - eine Higgs Boson Party zu Hause zu machen. Ich kam nach Hause vor 18:00 Uhr und der Plan sah so aus:
1) Bier kaufen
2) Bier trinken
3) Video über Higgs Boson schauen - Was ist eigentlich das Higgs Boson?
4) Bier trinken
5) Diskussion über - Die Perzeption der Gravitation nach Entdeckung des Higgs Bosons
6) Bier trinken
7) Diskussion über - Was jetzt mit dem All?
8) Bier trinken
9) Diskussion über - Mein Leben nach dem vierten Juli 2012
10) Bier trinken ...

Salim und Ich gingen in die Billa um Bier zu kaufen. Ich legte die Dosen in unseren Kühlschrank und wartete auf Salim und dann ...

... war ich so müde, dass ich um 20:30 eingeschlafen bin. Erst heute Morgen um 7:00 bin ich aufgewacht! Die Higgs Boson Party hat nicht stattgefunden ...

My Favorit month (Day 3 - 5)

I tried two tracks to get to work with Favorit bike. On Monday I took my usual track, on Tuesday slightly different and bit shorter (through Schottentor & Altes AKH).


Distance: 6.34 km Duration 22:21 min Avg speed: 17.0 kmph Max speed 25.9 kmph


Distance: 6.20 km Duration 22:43 min Avg speed: 16.4 kmph Max speed 28.0 kmph

More safe and fluent is the 'Monday' track, so I am going to stick with that one.

And I like my Favorit bike more with every day!

3. 7. 2012

My Favorit month (Day 1 - 2)

Sunday, 1st July. I woke up at 10:00. Since my last city-shity bike has been stolen, I needed some bike for transportation in the city. Good offer in Linz didn't happen, so I took iPad and searched for some city bike in Slovakia that morning. Found one! But in Piešťany - 70 km away! The temperature outside was around 35°C at noon so I waited a little bit. During that time I just wrote the message on facebook - who would like to travel with me to Piešťany? I was so suprised when several people wanted to have a transport to or from Piešťany! I didn't travel alone at all. It was great trip. Actually I have earned some money.

At 6 pm I was at Tesco in Piešťany where the guy who was selling the bike came. He really knew a lot about bikes. He was a bike racer some years ago. I have bought old Czechoslovak Favorit bike from the 80's from him (59€). I liked that bike on the first sight. Was in good condiion, I took a test ride in the parking area and loaded in the car.

When I came to Vienna, I went immediately to Prater park to test the bike again. It was dark night, but I liked the feeling riding the bike and I was looking forward to ride to work next day.

Without any adjustments I took the bike and went to work on my Favorit bike. I tracked that track with iPhone. It took me 22:21 to get to work with this bike. It is almost half the time in comparison with trams. With my KTM MTB it took me almost 24 minutes. Favorit has 28'' wheels and the weather was perfect today.

Very comfortable position, seat and handlebar make very good impression when you ride it. It is designed for the city. It was just pleasure to ride along Donaukalanal in the morning.

At that time I have decided not to buy Wiener Linien Monatskarte for public transportation for July. I want use only bikes or car if necessary. So it means that I will take my bike to work and back every day.

In the evening I made just a little adjustments (fixed the screws, raised seatpost), but nothing essential. I am looking forward to ride it again in the morning!

Here is my track to work: http://gps.motionx.com/og/index.php?id=2c95de3e3798db2ddeb131adb488830d&fb_action_ids=10150982699509774&fb_action_types=motionx-gps%3Arecord&fb_source=timeline_og

Podobizeň o slnečnicovom poli

Vyzerá chaosne, ale keď sa podívaš z dobrého uhla tak uzrieš ten poriadok.

Táto podobizeň vznikla pri Slnečných jazerách pri Senci a podieľali sa na nej Hanka, Milan, Roman a ja.

Pre video-ilustráciu: