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iMac G3: Mac OS X 10.4.11

So my goal to install Mac OS X Tiger has come true. Firstly I needed Tiger on CD's and that was a big problem because you can buy Tiger mostly on DVD although there are also some CD versions but very expensive. But I was lucky because friend of my friend, Neuromanc, lent me this very rare 4-CD version. So thanks again :-).

My iMac is not officially supported because it has no FireWire. But you can override this with software XPostFacto. I downloaded and installed the latest version so I could use it with Mac OS X 10.3 (the previous versions worked only with OS 9).

I erased HDD entirely before the installation just to be sure. After first restart the installation continued from other CD's. The installation process took approximately one hour and ran without problem.

After registration the update process started-up and took another hour or more. It was repeated several times mainly due to Java updates. Then finally I could download software and this time the latest versions. I brow…

Windows 7: Intel GMA and localization

There was a huge discussion between Intel company and owners of laptops with Intel Graphics Media Accelerators. Because lack of Intel drivers for Vista and therefore also for Windows 7 there was problem with video playback and hardware acceleration. But it seems that this problem can be over.

Just for fun I started Windows 7 today on my laptop and I checked actualizations. I was very surprised when I saw I Intel driver and Slovak localization in updates. I have downloaded and installed them. I restarted and everything seems to be OK. Of course there is no Aero theme, but video playback works and I launched Quake III Arena without problems.

I have made a screenshot with full localization and "Graphics Properties" window:

You can see that the Intel Graphics window looks like in Windows XP and I think there is no big change, it just works under 7.

Windows 7 is on my laptop even more usable now. In fact, everything works fine just like in XP. I benchmarked both systems with Geekbenc…

Krivky zmeny

Seriózne som sa nad zmenami všelijakého typu, hlavne však psychiky, pozastavil asi pred troma týždňami na posvadobnej párty a po dvoch štamperlíkoch pálenky. Hneď ako som dostal túto nebezpečnú myšlienku, šiel som do izby a načrtol som si niečo na papier a potom som na to zabudol.
Dnes som úplnou náhodou narazil na túto krivku:

Našiel som ju na tomto blogu a týka sa "nálady" na trhu. Celkom ma to zaujalo, pretože podobné nálady zažívam občas aj ja.
Nemusel som dlho hľadať a našiel som ďalšiu krivku, tento krát už z oboru psychológia z tejto stránky. Týka sa nálady pri nejakej ťažšej strate.

A našiel som aj "klasickú" krivku niekde.

Občas sa nad tým treba zamyslieť. Myslím, že veľa ľudí prežíva tieto periodické výkyvy - ja dosť často, individuálna môže byť asi akurát dĺžka periódy a amplitúda krivky.

iMac G3: Mac OS X 10.3.9 - Internet browsing & other applications

Software for Mac OS X 10.3.9 is usually old and not supported. That was the first thing I noticed. Another reason to go for Tiger. I had to search old releases and sometimes I found only Windows versions. And sometimes I had to experiment - will it work or not?


Of course I tried Safari in latest version for Mac OS X 10.3.9. The speed was accepatble but untill I visited pages with Flash (ver 9 for Panther) or JavaScript. I can say that the Safari was unusable. I had to wait too long. My next steps were of course for Firefox. Unfortunately I couldn't download latest version for Panther, only version 2. This version was slower than current version that I have on Windows, so I didn't dowload this old release. To the contrary, I could download the latest Opera browser. It worked well but still slow with Flash and JavaScript.

I searched again and I found Camino. It is something like Firefox but only for Macs. I could download the latest version again, what was great. I visite…

iMac G3: Mac OS X 10.3.9

Today is one week since I have bought my iMac G3. I tried to work with Mac OS 9 a little bit and I thought this system fits on old iMacs perfectly and also that it is the fastest option. After one day of using Mac OS X I can say that I was completely wrong.

I didn't like Mac OS 9. The main reason was that it was not an UNIX-like system. I didn't know that before and I looked for terminal and there was nothing. Although OS 9 was fast, web browsing was awful. Only one good web browser I had was Internet Explorer and the formatting was ... Well, current web or web 2.0 is something else than 10 years ago.

Before buying iMac I was decided that I want Mac OS X. I didn't know which version but I was aware that my iMac is really old machine and I didn't expect smoothness and speed. According to Apple, only 10.3 Panther is officially supported on my iMac. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger runs also on G3 but it needs FireWire and usually it is on DVD. So I looked for some Mac OS X versions on …