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Minimum fan speed at MacBook Pro

If you have any experience with loudness of fans or high minimal fan speed with your MacBook Pro, this could be solution for your problems:

1) Uninstall Fan Control app (maybe you or some previous user has installed it on your system):

Uninstall Instructions Please follow these instructions to uninstall FanControl permanently: Remove the following files and folders (both on your start disk):
    /Library/PreferencePanes/Fan Control.prefPane

 (You will be prompted for the Administrator's password when deleting these items.)RebootReset the System Management Controller (SMC). Please follow these links for instructions: PortablesMac MiniMac Pro2) To repeat the last step of the first step - reset SMC. Before starting your MacBook Pro, hold left shift, control, option and power key at the same time for a few seconds and release them at the same time. Then turn your MacBook Pro on.
3) If you have installed smcFanControl, then reinstall it.
4) If the fans…