17. 7. 2012

My Favorit month (Day 6 - 17)

Last week I survived with Favorit bike strong wind and rain. I mean real and very dense rain and quite strong wind. On Friday (the 13th), I took my broken MacBook to a service in 2. district in the morning and then I went to work.

It was raining the whole time with some wind from time to time. Mudguards did their job well - I recommend to have them in the city. My clothes were wet but not dirty.

I had no special gear - only my Windstopper jacket. Helmet helpded a bit. Some problems occured with my jeans but they became dry after a while at work.

I thought that the rain and bike is not very good combinationin the city in the morning but it was OK after all. Actually it was quite refreshing :-).

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