5. 6. 2009

Windows 7: Intel GMA and localization

There was a huge discussion between Intel company and owners of laptops with Intel Graphics Media Accelerators. Because lack of Intel drivers for Vista and therefore also for Windows 7 there was problem with video playback and hardware acceleration. But it seems that this problem can be over.

Just for fun I started Windows 7 today on my laptop and I checked actualizations. I was very surprised when I saw I Intel driver and Slovak localization in updates. I have downloaded and installed them. I restarted and everything seems to be OK. Of course there is no Aero theme, but video playback works and I launched Quake III Arena without problems.

I have made a screenshot with full localization and "Graphics Properties" window:

You can see that the Intel Graphics window looks like in Windows XP and I think there is no big change, it just works under 7.

Windows 7 is on my laptop even more usable now. In fact, everything works fine just like in XP. I benchmarked both systems with Geekbench and Quake III Arena and the results were almost the same.
I think that Microsoft is doing very good operating system this time.

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