5. 6. 2009

iMac G3: Mac OS X 10.4.11

So my goal to install Mac OS X Tiger has come true. Firstly I needed Tiger on CD's and that was a big problem because you can buy Tiger mostly on DVD although there are also some CD versions but very expensive. But I was lucky because friend of my friend, Neuromanc, lent me this very rare 4-CD version. So thanks again :-).

My iMac is not officially supported because it has no FireWire. But you can override this with software XPostFacto. I downloaded and installed the latest version so I could use it with Mac OS X 10.3 (the previous versions worked only with OS 9).

I erased HDD entirely before the installation just to be sure. After first restart the installation continued from other CD's. The installation process took approximately one hour and ran without problem.

After registration the update process started-up and took another hour or more. It was repeated several times mainly due to Java updates. Then finally I could download software and this time the latest versions. I browsed the net with Safari 3.0.4 and I was surprised with its speed, definitely it was better than version in Panther. I have downloaded also Camino and this time I was not so impressed, because of speed of Safari. I think, they are equivalent now. I used only Safari later on.

What I noticed during downloading and browsing was slow-down of the system. I checked the RAM and - only 8 MB fre
e. I thought it could be because of Dashboard or Spotlight - two main features of Tiger (and differences between Panther and Tiger). I think spotlight is great and very useful, so I decided to turn the dashboard off. It was easy to google it, e.g. here. All I had to do was write this command to console:

defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES

and restart Dock:

killall Dock

And voila! More than 200 MB free! But with browsing the net or running a lot of apps this amount of free RAM can decrease very fast. So maybe 1 GB RAM is good choice.

I have installed Adium, OnyX, Cog (nice music player) and because I was curious about speed and performance of Tiger I have installed also Xbench. Benchmark results with Panther were about - 9,48 and with Tiger - 10,75 - so more than 1 point increase. After turning off dashboard Tiger seems to be very swift, at least as Panther.

I made also one benchmark with Geekbench and the score was - 190. Now I can compare my result with Mactracker.

I tried Boxer - application for DOS games based on DOSBox. But I had no success, then I tried DOSBox only but still nothing. I didn't want to spend too much time with it so I gave up quickly. Instead DOS games I have installed these two Gomoku and Goban - two traditional Chinese/Japanese games for Mac OS X.

Because of my family, I tried to find localization for Mac OS X. Unfortunately there is no Slovak localization but at least Czech is available. It is for free and not only for the system language but also for many other applications like iWork and iLife. You can download it here - http://lokalizace.apple.cz. Installation was easy but it is recommended to install it right after Mac OS X installation.

I like Tiger very much. I can experiment with the newest apps and it seems that they are faster than their previous versions. We live in era of optimization now and that's very good for older computers.
I think Tiger is better than Panther and the best and latest OS for iMac G3. Of course it depends on requirements of every user, but in my opinion it is the best OS X for G3 and far more better than OS 9.

So that were almost 2 weeks of experimenting with my iMac. And finally I can prepare for my exams now :-).

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