15. 3. 2014

Astrophoto-experiment: the Moon

I performed my first astro-photo experiment from the comfort of my flat. The moon was in a good constelation with my balcony so I basically needed only to open the window.

I used quite old 60 mm refracting telescope Konustart 700:

The detector was my old DLSR Canon 350D with a T-mount from teleskop.austria.at .

I controlled the shutter remotely with B.I.G MC-C1:

All put together and aimed on the moon:

I set manual mode, IOSO 400 and shutter speed around 1/160 s. And this is my best shot - processed in iPhoto only, 1 average.

I think it is quite far from good. I think the problem was a heat conduction between the outside world and my room. This can cause blur and geometry distortion. Also I still have problems with focusing. It is not so easy even with the bright object like the moon.

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