4. 3. 2014

AKG K 420 earpads replacement

I couldn't find any relevant source for changing the earpads for my favorite mini headphones AKG K 420 on the web. So I decided to give a short guide how I have done it.

I have bought this non-genuine earpad replacement in Media Markt (Vienna) - PUNEX Ersatz Schaumkissen. The size (big) I estimated in the shop and it seems sufficient.

0. Motivation. For comparison - old and the replaced new one:

1. I took the old earpad off. You can see the gap around the earpad. I didn't want to dismantle it further.

2. Just with my bear hand I put a new earpad on the headphone.

3. But then it looked like this. The earpad didn't fit tightly.

4. So my trick was to use some sharp and very thin knife. I pressed carefully the edge of the earpad inside the gap all around the headphone.

And that's that. Happy listening.

2 komentáre:

  1. Thanks for a great tutorial, it worked!

    By the way, "bear hand" is a great typo :D

  2. :D. Thanks for finding it. But I think I just leave it there.