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Texture elimination from scanned photo

Recently I needed to scan quite old photography that was aimed to be published in one local newspaper. I wanted the best quality with dpi around 300. Unfortunately it had this very old-fashioned texture on the top that makes it difficult to scan it properly. The texture will be still there and ruin the result quality.

After some googling about moiré patterns and fast fourier transforms (FFT, it is also used in MRI) I found this very helpful discussion:
- especially the point about FFT.

Here is the technique with FFT:

  1. Download the ImageJ software
  2. Select the part of the image with pattern (e.g. somewhere in the corner). The idea is to see just the pattern.
  3. Apply FFT on the selected image pattern and notice how does it look like in the frequency space.
  4. Apply FFT on the whole image and find the pattern that was present on the selected image after FFT.
  5. Using paintbrush paint the pattern with black color. Do not paint the center.
  6. Apply inverse FFT.

Here is my example:

There is another interesting technique where you scan the image twice with rotation of the second scan about 180°. Then align the images. I didn't use this because the FFT method was much more interesting for me. I would use it probably if I couldn't find the clearly defined pattern in the image (e.g. no clear background).


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Additional RAM to iMac and installation of some software and games

RAM upgrade

After Mac OS 9 updates I started to use this system. But after a short while I realized that I really need more RAM. It was almost impossible to work with more than one application. Therefore I was decided to buy 512 MB RAM.

I knew about one small shop with old computers on Favoritenstrasse (U6: between Taubstummengasse and Südtiroler Platz). I went there and asked about SDRAM PC100. Old but nice guy showed me some 512 MB modules for about 30 €. I didn't have so much money with me at that moment and I also wanted to visit that Mac shop once more. So I left the shop and forgot my umbrella there.

That Mac shop offered me the same kind of RAM for about 45-50 €. Hmm, .... No thanks. I went to my room and picked some money from bankomat. I returned to the computer shop and the seller offered me (except my umbrella - for free of course) one module for 24 €. It has not been tested yet. I have bought it and put in my iMac - and nothing happened. Bad, but I had to go to the school…

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My keyboard Yamaha S08 suffered from several "sticky keys" disease already a year, perhaps more. That saying, I am pretty bad piano player. However, I like to have my devices fully functional for any cases.
I have found a very helpful guide, but with no photos. I made some for better visualization of the repair.
First, I unfastened all screws from both sides:

Second, I unfastened all screws from a wooden base plate which were holding the part with electronics.

Then I unfastened the golden screws holding the whole keyboard to the wood. The keyboard was now accessible from both sides.

The last step is described in the following video. It was just removing the sticky keys and reinserting them without a metal spring coming inside. The end of the metal spring has been left outside of the key:

So far it works well!

Windows 7 RC Ultimate on HP Compaq nx6110

I have never tried Vista on my laptop, because it is well suited for WinXP and I don't like Vista. But what if you can download the new Win 7 RC for free?

I'm using Windows XP since I have bought my old laptop HP Compaq nx6110 (1,4 Ghz Celeron M, 768 MB RAM). WinXP runs on this laptop really fast and smoothly, but I have turned every "eyecandy" off and it looks like old Win95 now. But I like this neutral look.

Last week I was closed in my room for two days installing and trying different Linux distributions. After this time I ended with Arch Linux installed on my hard drive - system was stable and either WiFi worked well. Then I realized, that I have spent so much time and done nothing useful. So I decided to work with WinXP and don't bother with other OS (like 2 weeks with Mac OS X a month ago).

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