5. 6. 2010

iMac G3: 1 GB RAM

I use my iMac during weekend because I leave my laptop (for work and school) in Bratislava. I noticed that sometimes it needs more RAM - especially during browsing and listening to music, reading e-mails, etc.

So I have bought another 512 MB SDRAM module for my iMac G3. Now I have 2 x 512 MB SDRAM Kingston modules inside.

After few hourse of using full capacity of RAM I can say it is a bit helpful. Geekbench score is higher about 6 points - 266.

Dashboard is still off because it needs a big amount of RAM and I don't need it, but with 1 GB RAM it can be turned on without a significant lack of RAM.

iMac is now almost in its full potential (no Wi-Fi card). It makes a good service for me. For easy browsing, listening, reading, watching - it is a truly good machine.

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