13. 9. 2010

MacBook Pro (late 2007)

After one year, when I have bought old iMac G3, my thinking about computers has changed. I knew that my next computer will be an Apple one. After finalization of my diploma thesis, my HP laptop has broken down. Since then I was using desktop. Thinking about buying a new laptop came when I decided to go study in Vienna. I needed some portable and not expensive computer.

So I started looking for some Apple Macbook. Actually MacBook Pro. Mainly because of the graphics and body. After few days of exploration I realized that I can afford MacBook Pro 3,1 late 2007. 3 years old machine but still very nice and solid computer. First times I was unsuccessful. But once I was lucky. I was sitting in the train to Vienna and I browsed web on my mobile phone. I opened Google and typed "macbook pro 2007 wien". And a fresh advertisement appeared! I wrote down the telephone number and called immediately after I came to Südbahnhof. We arranged meeting in Hütteldorf and the next day the MacBook was mine for 650€.

+ currently installed 4 GB RAM
- battery lifetime is approx. 25 min
- only one small scratch (previous user was a woman :-))
+ OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.

After three weeks of using it works great. I had some experience with Mac OS X from iMac G3 so migration to this platform was painless.
Until today - worth it!

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