25. 5. 2009

My first Apple computer - iMac 350 G3

Why have I for God's sake bought an old slow iMac G3? 10 years old machine, small amount of RAM, CPU with insufficient speed, .... Well, because it's Mac. I made some hackintosh experiments with Mac OS X on my laptop, it worked but it was not Mac. At that time I started to like Apple.

I have found this iMac on Austrian eBay. But before that I had found a Mac shop with all kind of Macs and spare parts. The prices there were astronomical. My iMac costed 50 € and a week ago iMac 600 was sold for 74 €. The prices in that shop were approximately 200 € and more. I had to wait more than one week but I have read some articles about iMac G3 during that time.
Great website for every owner of old and/or low end Mac:

So, what's the configuration of my iMac? CPU - Power G3 350 Mhz, 64 MB RAM, 7 GB HDD, Slot loading CD ROM D1-5.5.1 - more info on this Apple's page. And it's blue.
Body, keyboard and mouse look very nice, without scratches or visible damage. And it looks like this:

Mouse is not original by Apple but it's by Macally instead. It works, but my PC mouse works better - the sensor is better.

Display is splendid - according to its age. Very nice colours and contrast. Loudspeakers are above average and quite powerful. I played some mp3 with QuickTime 5.

I should also mention, that I had to pick it up in Vienna and the place was not very near. So I asked my friend Z. who helped me with the transportation a lot. iMac is not very light afterall.

The OS has been already installed in version 9.0.4 Deutsch. The next step was establish an internet connection and update the system. Connection speed was really slow (I don't know why for now), so I used my laptop and downloaded these updates for Mac OS 9.

I have read, that also installation of new firmware is good idea so I have downloaded and installed this firmware.

I'm running Mac OS 9.2.2 Deutsch now. I haven't install new applications yet. Some apps have been already installed - IE5, MS Office 98 Mac Edition, Adobe Reader 4, Apple Works 6, ArcSoft Video Impression, Norton Anti Virus.

I'm glad that I have got my first Apple computer. I can use it for writing or mail, but I haven't bought this computer for work, but for fun and exploring Mac.
I'm going to write my experience with this beautiful computer. One of my goals is installation of Mac OS X, that will be fast and reliable. But for now I'm going to use Mac OS 9.

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